Desi Foundation Scholarship Presented at the CBIA India Independence Day Celebration

August 29, 2015 in Corpus Christi, Texas

./DesiScholarship%20award%20at%20India%20independence%20day.jpgDr. Mohan Rao, a professor at TAMUCC, awarded the first Desi Foundation Scholarship at the CBIA Independence Day program. The scholarship went to Vikas Palakurthi. TAMUCC Scholarship Office chose Vikas from the several applicants that applied for the scholarship. Dr. Rao also made a presentation on the need for more funding for the scholarships to help new generation of Indian students coming here for higher education. A $1000 scholarship could be worth $10,000 per year for the students because they become eligible to pay in-state tuition only. The Indian community is generous and the response was very positive.