There are many generous Desis. They left their home country, came to USA, or went to Europe and other countries, worked hard and became successful in their lives and want to give back and help future generations succeed. This scholarship fund provides a great opportunity to do just that. It also helps them support a local college or a college of their choice.

A $1000 scholarship in the United States can be worth $10,000 per year. It is because the scholarship recipient becomes eligible to pay in-state tuition, which makes a tremendous difference in the cost of education. The scholarship can be setup in the name of the donor or their loved ones. If they want to be anonymous, it can simply be a Desi Foundation Scholarship. The amount and number of years of the scholarship can vary. Each scholarship can be tailored to go to certain type of students based on the donor’s preferences and applicable rules.

Colleges want to attract high-quality students that are motivated to study hard and become successful. Colleges also love the support of the local community and alumni, especially financial support.

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